PHI Films

Founded in 2005, PHI engages the best creative and business minds to find modern solutions to produce, promote, and distribute artist-driven projects in the fields of music, film, architecture, design, and new media.

PHI Films, a subsidiary company of PHI, was established in 2007 and is dedicated to producing provocative independent films inspired by the vision of the most cutting edge directors, both emerging and established. The goal of Phi Films is to unite commercial and artistic success while supporting the distinct point of view of the filmmaker. Phoebe Greenberg and Penny Mancuso, producing partners at PHI Films, have established a strong brand by choosing material which best reflects a vivid and bold aesthetic, as well as offering a compelling storyline.

PHI Films has also emerged with a strong creative brand by producing a number of short films that have achieved critical acclaim both locally and internationally. The goal is to produce work that pushes the boundaries of the short format while allowing the films to be seen in a variety of contexts such as festivals, television, in flight programming, and in galleries and art institutions.


Cochemare (working title)
Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (in production) – Producer

The Holy See
Godfrey Reggio (in production) – Producer

Kivalina v. Exxon
Ben Addelman (2011) – Producer/Distributor

Arnaud Brisebois and Francis Leclerc (2011) – Distributor

Pedro Pires (2011) – Producer/Distributor

Denis Villeneuve (2010) – Associate Producer

All Flowers in Time
Jonathan Caouette (2010) – Executive Producer/Distributor

Danse Macabre
Pedro Pires (2008) – Distributor

Next Floor
Denis Villeneuve (2007) – Producer/Distributor